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Where Do I Belong?

I’ve always identified myself with either Syltherin or Ravenclaw. I just felt like I belonged in one of these houses; Although I’m not quite sure which. I knew that if I took the pottermore quiz, J.K. would put me in the right place and up until recently I believed the place to be Ravenclaw. (That’s the house I’ve always had a soft spot with.) But now I’m not quite sure. 

I took a couple of sorting quizzes today just to test my theory, the results were shocking to say the least. I answered the questions honestly and I really thought about what I would do in each situation and how I act on a regular basis; It was a nasty bit of a shock to me to find out where I’ve been sorted! GRYFFINDOR! GRYFFINDOR?!? Sorted no less than 2 times into a house I’ve never even considered. It must have been a fluke! So there I sat for five minutes staring into the mocking face of the mighty lion! ME a Gyrffindor?!?!?! Please… you have to be crazy. I thought it was best to take one more quiz just to be on the safe side. Again I answered honestly; my heart gave a pleasant twitch once I saw the green and silver appear on my screen. Still I was and am not satisfied, I’m suppose to be a Ravenclaw through and trough, with just a couple Slytherin like tendencies. One more I thought, one more and if it says Gryffindor again I’ll just accept it. I felt the impending doom as I answered the first question. I finished the quiz closed my eyes and pressed sort me. Well, you can just guess what kind of turmoil I was in when the quiz said Hufflepuff. I don’t know where I belong. I feel so lost 

Ravenclaw is where my heart belongs, my brain tells me Slytherin, My actions scream Gryffindor and my personality is all Hufflepuff.

I guess I’ll have to wait till I get into Pottermore. I just wish there was a fifth house that combined all the others, then maybe I would belong somewhere.


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Love from Pottermore. 

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